MYK Laticrete Adhesives, Sealers and Sealer Enhancers

For all kinds of marble, granite, tile and composites use MYK Laticrete Adhesives. The adhesives provide not only good bonding but also the much required flexibility that is so important to keep the stone intact and crack-free. Unlike conventional method where cement mixed with gravel s used, no curing is required. Hence, precious water is saved. Talk to us, we will suggest the best adhesive for your specific requirements, keeping in mind your budget.

To safeguard costly natural marbles like Statuario, Botticino, Perlato, Australian White etc. from stains, use MYK Laticrete sealers. To know more, or contact us, we can make the stones last long.

For all textured marble, granite, sandstones one can also use MYK Laticrete sealer+enhancer, to bring out the colour of the stone. Any texturing makes the stone go whitish. Visit or contact us, we will guide you, we know stones like the back of our hand, been in business for over 28 years!


Stone care

MYK Laticrete 190 back coat sealer must be applied to all natural stones before fixing, it protects the stones wonderfully, ensures no dirt seeps into the pores from the cement bed, it is a sealant par excellence. We recommend using it strongly.