FLEXSTO – flexible stone veneers

FLEXSTO is the latest eco-friendly, water proof wall covering option for interiors. Use it to get that natural stone/slate/quartzite look on walls, reception counters, back drop of receptions, to highlight walls…….FLEXSTO is easy to install, use MYK Laticrete L-252 for concrete walls and L-270 for other substrates. And, yes it is made using real natural stone: slate and quartzite. At present, we can offer 18 shades. Comes in standard sizes of 1’x1′, 4’x2′ and 8’x4′. The thickness varies from 1.2 mm to 2.2 mm depending on the shade. Interior Designers and Furniture manufacturers are going Ga! Ga! over it. Visit http://www.technostone.co.in for details or contact us.


MYK Laticrete Adhesives, Sealers and Sealer Enhancers

For all kinds of marble, granite, tile and composites use MYK Laticrete Adhesives. The adhesives provide not only good bonding but also the much required flexibility that is so important to keep the stone intact and crack-free. Unlike conventional method where cement mixed with gravel s used, no curing is required. Hence, precious water is saved. Talk to us, we will suggest the best adhesive for your specific requirements, keeping in mind your budget.

To safeguard costly natural marbles like Statuario, Botticino, Perlato, Australian White etc. from stains, use MYK Laticrete sealers. To know more, www.technostone.co.in or contact us, we can make the stones last long.

For all textured marble, granite, sandstones one can also use MYK Laticrete sealer+enhancer, to bring out the colour of the stone. Any texturing makes the stone go whitish. Visit http://www.technostone.co.in or contact us, we will guide you, we know stones like the back of our hand, been in business for over 28 years!

Kalingastone Composite (Engineered) Quartz Counter Tops for Kitchens

Still not using Quartz on Kitchen counter tops? Why not?!? Quartz is the best available surface, it is Eco-friendly and prefect in all respects. Read more about it on http://www.technostone.co.in. Kalingastone Quartz is NSF approved, it can withstand high temperatures of up to 110 deg. Centigrade. Other salient features are:

1. Highly Non-Porous – less porous than marble, granite

2. Acid Proof – no affect of lemon juice, mild acids, citirc acid, vinegar….

3. Hard – harder than granite, 6-7 on Mhos scale, scratch resistant.

4. Colourful – available in over 40 shades.

And, you still don’t want to use it? Why?

Kalingastone Quartz

Architects, Interior Designers, Modular Kitchen Companies and even end-users have started appreciating Kalingastone Quartz. The usage has increased and widened from just kitchen counter tops to floors where high traffic is anticipated to stain free walls. Resistance to water absorption (it is less porous than granite), high surface hardness (6-7 on Mohs scale) and anti-abrasive properties are some of the salient features of quartz. Visit http://www.techostone.co.in to know more.