FLEXSTO – flexible stone veneers

FLEXSTO is the latest eco-friendly, water proof wall covering option for interiors. Use it to get that natural stone/slate/quartzite look on walls, reception counters, back drop of receptions, to highlight walls…….FLEXSTO is easy to install, use MYK Laticrete L-252 for concrete walls and L-270 for other substrates. And, yes it is made using real natural stone: slate and quartzite. At present, we can offer 18 shades. Comes in standard sizes of 1’x1′, 4’x2′ and 8’x4′. The thickness varies from 1.2 mm to 2.2 mm depending on the shade. Interior Designers and Furniture manufacturers are going Ga! Ga! over it. Visit http://www.technostone.co.in for details or contact us.