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About Us

TECHNOSTONE the sole distributor of “KALINGASTONE” brand of for Composite Marble & Quartz, prime dealer of “MYK LATICRETE” products for Stone Installation & Care, exclusive brand owner/dealer of “Flexsto” brand of Flexible Stone Veneers. We are going to add more eco-friendly products related to stone/building industry.

Amit Mehta, Kamal Agrawal & Ramesh Agrawal are the key persons operating TECHNOSTONE. All three have been involved with import, export, distribution and retailing of natural/engineered stones and related products for many years, the combined experience of all three is more than 80 years!

We have a large display area, we are willing to loan samples out, we do not just believe in selling but take that extra step to guide and educate our customers about products. The members of our TECHNOSTONE family are few, hand-picked, hard working, and very precious to us. They all wear many, but not all, hats and thrive on the kindness and consideration we’ve learned to expect from our customers.

We can assist with interior design, decorating, and engineering. Materials can be customized to your specifications. Our operations are simple but efficient.

We strive to provide the highest quality environment friendly materials we can obtain, maintain the lowest prices possible and still stay in business.

TECHNOSTONE is a proud member of IGBC – Indian Green Building Council.

We do not provide on-line ordering. Please call or come visit us for questions not answered here.


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